You Think I Look Good? Imagine How I Taste.

You Think I Look Good, Imagine How I Taste.

A sexy, inviting t-shirt that bids the boys to get their toes wet

As a blog dedicated to funny t-shirts that make ladies feel sexy, I think this is a great first entry. Women, as a rule, are much more reserved than men in general. Girls have had modesty drilled into their consciousness from all angles since the day they first understood what the phrase, “Quit pulling your dress over your head, dear.”

While women have experienced a massive surge in sexual independence and liberation over the past few decades, that still does not erase all of those years of lectures from church, school, and parents. You would never see a woman wearing this funny t-shirt in public…unless there were LOTS of Jagermeister shots involved.

That is why the sexual liberation of women exists strongest in bars all across the world. Women go to bars for one of three reasons: to hang out with their friends, to get free drinks, or to find a suitable bed-mate for the evening. I cannot fault women for any of these things, and they have found out that the type of clothes they wear are usually great tools for accomplishing any one of these tasks.

Women who are out to have a good time with their friends usually dress fairly conservatively. They don’t believe they will be engaging in sex of any kind, so they do not dress to attract it.

Girls who are out to get free drinks dress as provocatively as legally possible. They will bare midriffs, cleavage, and underwear…all in an attempt to manipulate men into paying for all of the drinks they want. It’s the same thing that happens when predators in the wild camouflage themselves as rocks to lure their prey into a false sense of security.

The girls who have sex on their mind usually play a different card, and that is by using sexy funny t-shirts as their lure. They know that the most erogenous zone in the human body is the brain, and they know that their funny t-shirts stimulate that brain into producing all manner of mental images that they will use later to draw their chosen targets in for the proverbial “kill”.

Funny t-shirts are very popular amongst women now, and the sexier the better. This “You think I look good, imagine how I taste” shirt is funny…but at the same time is makes the male think instantly, “Hey…I WOULD like to imagine how she tastes.” Guys are pretty simple like that.

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